Advice on Common Problems

Advice on Common Problems

Thousands of young people have contacted Youth2Youth. We hear about many problems, ranging in topic and degree of severity, but all are treated with the same high regard.

No matter whether the problem appears to be big or small, the caller can expect the same time and commitment in the reply to the problem.

Personal stories

In this section you will find some of the problems that people have sent to Y2Y. Attached to each problem you will be able to read our reply.

The aim of the library is to allow visitors to read problems sent to us and learn from the experiences of others.

All problem letters in the ‘Personal Stories’ section have the sender’s permission for their letter to be read by others. The anonymity of the person who wrote the problem has been protected.

Remember: Youth2Youth offers a confidential and anonymous service – letters in the library are only published with the express permission of the sender.

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