Top 10 Selling Fireworks That You Need to Get Your Hands On for Family Events

Who wouldn’t love a fireworks display that drags you in with their explosive, colourful and loud effects? You can keep the entire family entertained by giving them the best fireworks display possible. See UK displays.

Buy sparklers for any celebratory event

Sparklers are a great way to get the kids involved (if they’re over five years old) as they can create their very own patterns, shapes and fun! One of the greatest things about sparklers is that they are extremely inexpensive so you can let everybody join in for under £10.

Sparklers are suitable for weddings, birthdays, parties and Bonfire night. Please note, as they do burn over 1000 degrees, it is important that a bucket of cold water is on hand to safely dispose of them. Click here for sparkler guidance.

Explosive roman candles

Roman candles are available in a variety of sizes, colours and effects which you can choose to make the perfect display. From singular shots to hundreds per candles, quiet or noisy, there is plenty to select.

Roman candles are often used for smaller, garden displays, but if used in greater numbers they can be suitable for professional shows. Fireworks Shop offers their customers amazing bargains with prices starting from £9. Buy your fireworks online.

Barrage fireworks to amaze

Barrage fireworks are also known as Cakes and are made from numerous roman candles that are designed to shoot out in a series of multiple shots. The reason they are so popular is because of their ability to produce an array of visual and audio effects. Keep reading.

Barrage fireworks are suitable for both the start of a display and the grand finale, so whatever style of display you wish to have, barrage fireworks are great for all.