The Group’s That Make Youth2Youth

Without our sponsors, all the hard work and charity that we do for young people wouldn’t be available to such a wide range of people.

Therefore, young people may be suffering in silence without any advice to help them for the future. If you are facing any issues, please get in contact.

At Youth2Youth, we have a wide range of sponsors that we are grateful for as they continue to support us in numerous ways. View: Advice On Common Problems.

Their support includes:

  • Funding grants
  • New strategies and solutions
  • Business ideas
  • Decision making advice

Please Note: not every company listed below have worked alongside us, but we are planning to in the near future.

Wrappz –

Wrappz are renowned for their creative designs as well as solutions. They provide a number of personalised items such as phone cases, gifts, laptop skins and so much more. They even go as far as providing personalised pet beds! Shop today.

Wrappz work alongside us at Youth2Youth to help us configure business ideas so we are able to reach a larger number of young people and improve their lives.

Acas –

Acas are a business who provides help and support to both employers and employees. With a large number of services they are widely available to those who need their advice.

We use their business solution ideas in which we cooperate with their ideas and they aid our company with solutions for young people. Read more.

Vanilla Circus –

At Vanilla Circus they are an SEO company in the UK. We have worked with them for a number of years where we have devised a content marketing scheme to optimise Youth2Youth in order to drive more traffic to our site.

London Community Foundation –

London CF provide numerous grants to our charity in order to expand our services, therefore reaching out to even more people than we ever believed we could.

See if you can find a grant available in your local area. Click here.